Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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The new Building Safety Act and Fire Safety (England) Regulations require Accountable Persons (APs) and Responsible Persons (RPs) to electronically share building information with regulators.

Maintaining a single version of the truth and keeping disparate and poorly designed regulator systems up to date creates a problem and is prone to error.

Building Safety Register is your Golden Thread of Building Information.

Building Safety Register compliance software

What is the “Golden Thread”

The Building Safety Act places a legal duty on Accountable Persons to create, obtain, store and share documents and information about their building in an electronic format.

A compliant Golden Thread must be Electronic, Accurate, Intelligible, Accessible, Secure, Portable and have effective Change Control. The Golden thread will span the lifecycle of a building and support the Building Safety Case for each building.

Provision and management of the Golden Thread is the responsibility of the Accountable Person – not the Regulator.

What we do

As a forward thinking GRC software company, we’re dedicated to simplifying the Golden Thread and we’re passionate about maintaining a single source of truth. 

Building Safety Register combines the information sharing requirements for the Building Safety Act and Fire Safety (England) Regulations as well as dramatically improving efficiency by powering portfolio management.

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From a single user-friendly dashboard, our innovative platform is designed to streamline the recording and registration of vital Golden Thread information, including PAP/AP details, key building information, HRB number, building plans, faults and repairs.

thereafter £2.40 per building per month inc VAT.
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How we do it

Building Safety Register simplifies information management by providing you with a central hub where you can register and record all building-related data in one place. Our platform empowers you to streamline essential tasks with ease. Key features include:

Building & Floor Plans Uploads

Easily upload and access building and floor plans, ensuring that all crucial data is readily available.

Record Key Building Information

Store and manage essential building details, making it easier to retrieve information when needed.

Registration Submission Details

Capture building summary details and record HRB and submission dates for each building

External Wall Information

Utilise our online form to capture external wall details, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Fault Reports & Rectifications

Report faults, track rectifications, and maintain logs for a seamless maintenance process.

Record of Accountable & Responsible Persons

Record contacts responsible for various aspects of building safety neatly organised in one place.

How much will it cost?

From 1 to Multiple Buildings, Only £2.40 per month per Building!
Enjoy a 14-Day Free Trial with no upfront card details required.

“The tragic circumstances of Grenfell and the subsequent Hackitt inquiry identified huge deficiencies in record keeping, data sharing and compliance. The Building Safety Register addresses all of these issues.”

– Gill Kernick, Fire & Life Safety Campaigner

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