Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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Evacuate, decant or prohibit?

Over 9,000 residents have been forced from their homes due to fire and structural safety concerns since the Grenfell Tower tragedy!

Residential property developer tax

Residential property developer tax

The UK Government is now consulting on a proposal to introduce a new residential property developer tax aimed at raising £2bn over 10 years – have your say here

Building Safety Logbook Map

Building Safety Register map

In the run-up to the Fire Safety Bill vote, we have launched our interactive map of blocks that have a digital Building Safety Logbook

Building Safety Crisis

Building Safety Logbook – A Manifesto

By creating a digital building safety logbook for every building we will ensure building safety and restore confidence for residents.

DOWNLOAD our Manifesto here…


Rise Up!

A story of a very Dry Riser that would never have worked and no-one had spotted it due to failings in Building Safety management!

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment National Register

Today’s breaking news of the full evacuation at Notting Hill Genesis Paragon Estate in Brentford highlights the role of the Fire Risk Assessment in Building Safety.

What next for EWS1 Form?

What RICS, creators of the EWS1 process, and other stakeholders, such as MHCLG, should be doing right now to secure the EWS1 process and save innocent residents from further harm.