Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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About us


Who are the building safety register?

Our team are experts in the Golden Thread of information for building safety. We provide the expertise and technology to keep our customers compliant with the Building Safety Act and Fire Safety (England) Regulations.

We have been at the forefront of the development of post Grenfell regulatory change with particular focus on the changes relating to Golden Thread and information sharing with residents and regulators. Achieving a ‘single version of truth’ for building safety information drives everything we do.


Golden Thread of Information

Key Building Information

From 30th September 2023 all residential blocks within the scope of the Building Safety Act 2022 are required to register and submit their key building information to the Building Safety Regulator. Once registered any changes to the registration must be reported to the regulator within 28 days. Our technology automates this process and keeps you compliant.

Evidential Document Management

The Building Safety Act and its Regulations require the Principal Accountable Person to maintain extensive evidential documentation in an electronic format. This information must be securely accessible to a wide range of specified stakeholders including Accountable Persons, Residents, Regulator and Fire Service. 

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Our Golden Thread technologies

Building Safety Act and Fire Safety (England) Regulations

Key Building Information management

  • BSA and FS(E)R compliance
  • Portfolio management
  • Evidence of BSR and FRS submission
  • Key building information questions
  • Building and floor plan management
  • External wall information
  • Fault reports and rectification

Key Building Information

Building Safety Act and Fire Safety (England) Regulations

Evidential document management

  • Templated to meet compliance requirements
  • Evidential activity logging
  • Secure information sharing with stakeholders
  • Automated expiry and renewal reminders
  • Compliance reporting suite
  • Integrated with safety case report
  • Fully portable as required by legislation

Key Building Information


Our expert founders

Matt Hodges-Long

Unique experience in construction, property management, and risk management. Matt is a regular contributor in the mainstream media, social media and industry events on building safety post-Grenfell. 

Matt is well known for cutting through the nonsense and developing scalable practical solutions to regulatory compliance challenges.  

Richard Carman

A digital expert with over 20 years of experience using technology to solve business challenges. Richard also understands a thing or two about risk management having started his career as an army officer.

Richard is obsessed with making technology accessible and easy to use, resulting in complex solutions that look surprisingly simple. He brings a strong technical focus to Matt’s industry expertise.