“A cultural change is required to rebuild trust and ensure that residents feel safe in their homes again. Providing reassurance, recourse and responsibility to residents is one part of a systemic overhaul designed to deliver buildings that are safe now and will be in the future” – Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Are you safe and secure in your home?

Building Safety

Cladding, compartmentation, automatic opening vents, fire detection, sprinklers and cavity barriers – these seemingly endless terms are what might help or hinder your safety in the event of a fire.

Ensuring that residents have access to information about their building and the safety measures in place is the first step towards a system that involves residents.

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Risk management

There will always be a risk of fire in residential buildings. How that risk is managed and the role you play is critical to building safety.

Residents should have the right to access both current and historical fire risk assessments, safety case documentation and information on the maintenance of safety systems and changes that could impact on safety.”

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Lending & Insurance

Building safety failings, poor risk management, compliance failings and the poorly structured EWS1 system have created the perfect storm for lenders and insurers to say ‘No.’ Residents need to demand better service from failing building managers.

Informed residents can play a key role in monitoring the performance of safety systems and holding building owners to account for weaknesses in performance.

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)


Digital System of Record (DSoR)

Every building should have a digital system (like the Building Safety Register) to store and securely share its critical fire and life safety information. The system tracks essential documentation and action dates to power 24/7 secure resident engagement.

a statutory duty to proactively provide residents with a set of information that supports residents to understand the layers of protection in place to keep their building safe.”

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Resident engagement

Real-time resident engagement across a portfolio of buildings is a daunting prospect for landlords, but this should not be an excuse for keeping residents in the dark. DSoR technology like the Building Safety Register gives residents permanent access to a single version of the truth.

The dutyholder should have a resident engagement strategy in place to support the principles of transparency of information and partnership with residents.

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Get involved

As the Responsible Person in law, your landlord has a duty of care to provide a safe home. Demand they do this for you in an open, transparent and reassuring way by:

  • Telling them about the Building Safety Register
  • Reading up on your rights
  • Not being afraid to ask difficult questions
  • Following #BuildingSafety hashtag on twitter


Tell other Residents about the Building Safety Register and our #BuildingSafety campaign.