Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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EWS1 Fraud

On March 12th 2020, we first approached RICS and MHCLG with our concerns over the EWS1 process being a ‘magnet for fraud.’

Building Safety Bill Survey

Today we launch this survey to gauge senior executive views on the Building Safety Case and the Building Safety Regulator. We plan to repeat this process quarterly to track changes in sentiment and preparedness.

TrackMyRisks DSoR

Building Safety Act 2020 – Insurance Times

Following our Buildings Insurance Crisis event with Insurtech UK last week, Insurance Times published this detailed article about the draft Building Safety Act 2020.

Mountain to climb to Building Safety?

How close are English housing associations and local authority landlords to proposed new Building Safety regulations? Download our Building Safety Report…


Building Safety Regulator – doomed for failure?

Despite repeated promises that “we will learn from the Grenfell tragedy” and an intent to create the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), I remain cynical that this will positively impact building safety any time soon.

Grenfell Tower

Second anniversary of Grenfell Tower tragedy…

On the second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we still await decisive action to prevent a recurrence. Every high-risk building needs a Digital System of Record (DSoR).

Keep your critical documents in check!

Managing risk documentation effectively can be a huge distraction from the day job for most businesses so that is why TrackMyRisks securely stores and manages all of your vital risk documents for you.