“Residents of HRRBs should have the right to access fire risk assessments, safety case documentation and information on maintenance and asset management that relates to the safety of their homes.” – Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Building safety for everyone

Safety features

The new Building Safety Regulator will demand a ‘Golden Thread’ of fire and life safety information for all HRBs.

The purpose of the digital record is to ensure that accurate building information is securely created, updated and accessible, at points throughout the building life cycle. This will support efficient and effective oversight by the regulator.”

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Risk management

High risk buildings must demonstrate effective risk management to the regulator through a building safety case. The building safety case should be comprehensive, evidential and available for review at any time.

…there needs to be a demonstration that appropriate risk mitigation is in place with sufficient layers of protection to ensure that the management of building safety risks does not rely too heavily on one layer of protection.

Building a Safer Future (May 2018)

Lending & Insurance

Withdrawal of lending and insurance is not just a problem for Residents. This contagion undermines value, trust and the reputation of managing agents, freeholders and developers.

“Thousands of people in the UK are living in flats they cannot sell, because the outside wall is covered in cladding. Sometimes it’s combustible, like the material that turned Grenfell Tower into an inferno. But people may become prisoners in their homes even when it isn’t.”


Get ready with the Building Safety Register

Digital System of Record (DSoR)

Every building should have a digital system (like the Building Safety Register) to store and securely share its critical fire and life safety information. The Building Safety Register is powered by TrackMyRisks software to reliably track all actionable dates, as well as providing secure resident engagement. Find out how you can get up and running…

Resident engagement

Providing residents with real-time access to Building Safety information is challenging and expensive for most building managers. Demonstrating resident engagement to the new regulator is even harder. The Building Safety Register solves both of these problems and more. Find out how you can get up and running today…